• U-Bass-Acoustic-Electric with Bag -Satin/Agathis/Agathis

    KALA Brand Music Company

  • $359.99

  • Description

    If you closed your eyes and heard the Kala Rumbler U-Bass, you may think you're listening to a real-deal acoustic upright bass. When you opened them and saw this pint-sized package, you may think someone was pulling a trick on you. But that's not the case here. The Kala Rumbler U-Bass has been known to have a surprisingly close sound to an upright bass. Big things do come in small packages! If you're a bassist on the go, don't leave your music at home. Take the Rumbler U-Bass with you. And if you happened to get a gig along the way? Use the built-in piezo pickup system with active EQ to plug in and play!

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