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    4VOO uber TECH© instant lift serum :
    • forms a protective replenishing film on the skin's surface that stretches to provide an instant tightening effect in just 5 minutes after the first application
    • increases skin's tension to produce a visible, proven micro-lifting effect for tauter, firmer skin 
    • smoothes skin and significantly reduces visibility of wrinkles 
    • an immediate tightening sensation leads to significant improvements to skin's appearance and texture. skin appears more radiant and youthful, lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, and skin feels smoother, more supple, and softer to the touch.
    4VOO uberTECH instant lift serum contains:
    1. HYBRIDIZED PEPTIDES - hybridized peptides designed exclusively for men's skin have remarkable  success in the reduction of the negative effect of testosterone on men's skin. These highly specialized peptides  dramatically increase the synthesis of collagen and visibly reduce  wrinkles and prevent water loss.
    2. PLATINUM - platinum intelligent delivery system allows selective peptide  activity.  The same amount of peptides work longer and stronger. Platinum technology provides incredible wrinkle reduction in half the time of peptides without this technology.
    3. STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY - stem cell technology based on meristematic cells delivers signals that force skin stem cells to become active and proliferate faster. this technology also delivers protection to skin cell DNA and increases skin cell stress resistance.
    4. POLARIZED WATER - polarized water molecules organized into clusters to allow for extremely effective absorption, instantaneously hydrating skin cells giving the skin firmer and fresher look.
    use uberTECH instant lift serum in the morning or before a special occasion. for optimum results complement it with 4VOO uberTECH super-restoring night formula at night.

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