• Ultimate Easel + Ext. Legs, magnetboard, chalkboard, wood trays 42" - 54"


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  • Description

    The Beka Adjustable Easel is a double sided, full-size easel made in the USA of natural hard maple wood. Built to last, this adjustable easel includes a built in top mounted paper holder, two large 24 inch by 24 inch art surfaces, paint trays, a paper cutter, a center storage platform, and pinch proof hinges. Young artists have different needs, so Beka developed a modular design that allows choice from a range of features. The Beka Adjustable Easel can be purchased with the art surfaces and paint trays that you prefer.

    Paper Holder - The top mounted paper holder positions a roll of art paper above the art surfaces, where it is very accessible. This feature allows paper to stay in place even when the easel is folded for storage.

    Art Surfaces - Green chalkboard with your choice of white dry-erase marker board or washable magnet board (designed primarily for use with magnets, this surface doubles as a dry-erase marker board or a washable art surface).

    Paint Trays - Your choice of natural wood or red plastic paint trays. Both options are large, providing all the storage space you'll need. Wooden trays have a more natural look and feel. Plastic trays are washable. Both options are made in the USA.

    Center Storage Platform - A center storage platform holds the easel securely open during use (creating a sturdy A-frame tough enough for heavy use). Pivoting the center platform up and out of the way allows an adult to fold the easel after simply removing one paint tray.

    Paper Cutter - The paper cutter is comprised of a simple maple wood strip that holds paper flat against the easel's art surface and creates a child-safe way to remove and save art.

    Paper sold separately.

    The Adjustable Easel comes assembled with leg extensions, just add the paint trays. Adult Assembly Required.

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