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    Beardsley Shampoo

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    Contains 1 Beardsley Conditioner and 1 Beardsley Shampoo.  Buy together and save on shipping.
    Description of Beardsley Shampoo
    When washing their beards, most men just let whatever drips down from washing their hair do the job. This is probably because regular shampoo tastes very bitter and applying it directly around the mouth area is unpleasant. But because beards are directly exposed to foods, drinks, and smoking products, they deserve to be treated better. Beardsley's mild-flavored botanical formula makes it a pleasure for a man to wash his beard as often and as thoroughly as he likes. And for those who love him, a soft, clean, fragrant beard only adds to the pleasure. Approx. 8 fl. oz.
    What if you are just starting to grow a beard?
    When you stop shaving, your skin may react by producing more dead cells. They often get trapped in the bristles of the new beard growth, causing irritation. Frequent washing with Beardsley shampoo is an excellent way to avoid this problem. Many new beard wearers find that Beardsley's botanical ingredients are especially soothing to the skin in the first weeks of growth.
    You use conditioner for you hair, so why not for your beard? This ultra conditioner is specially formulated for beards. It contains extracts of wild cherry fruit, golden seal, and marigold flower whose tonic properties are an added boost to this great product. Use after a beard shampoo to soothe and relieve the scalp below your beard, leaving your facial hair feeling unusually soft and smooth. Approx. 8 fl. oz

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