Liberty Mountain

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    Cocoon Air-Core Pillow, Air-Core Pillow Ultralight & Hyperlight The COCOON Air-Core Pillow features an inflatable air core underneath a layer of premium synthetic fill, thus offering the support and the comfort of a superior synthetic pillow as well as minimum packing size! All materials have been optimized to make the COCOON Air-Core Pillow Ultralight even more lightweight. The astonishing result is an absolutely super-lightweight, still very comfortable pillow in a tiny stuffsack. The COCOON Air-Core Pillow Hyperlight is even more lightweight and compact and has a super lightweight nylon shell. (The shells of all other Air-Core Pillows are half microfiber half nylon.) Specifications: Size: 33 x 43 cm Weight: 185 g Color: wasabi green/grey ACP3-UL Air-Core Pillow Ultralight Size: 33 x 43 cm Weight: 105 g Color: wasabi / grey (ACP3-UL2)

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