• Umeya Rice Crackers Luau Mix 4.75oz

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    Umeya rice cracker luau mix is the type of hana arare rice crackers. It is a variety of oriental rice crackers, each with unique flavors including soy sauce, sesame, parsley, and salsa. Manufactured in a facility that may produce products that contain other allergens such as dairy, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. Small rice crackers made from sweet rice. Umeya is the only manufacturer of arare style rice crackers in the U.S. It is a traditional Japanese snack. Naturally low in fat with 0 g trans fat, they are a light and tasty alternative to potato chips. Often glazed with a blend of soy sauce and other savory flavors. Made from the finest California-grown rice, Umeya's crackers are toasted to perfection and packaged fresh each day, locking flavor and crispiness in conveniently sealed cello and foil bags.

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