• Underground Yoga

    Angela Farmer

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    If you would like a view into what what it is to work with Angela and Victor at their Yoga Hall in Eftalou, this DVD is the next best thing to going there. The experience of working with these highly respected yogiis with students from all over the world is presented in this 2 DVD set, "Underground Yoga".
     The filmmkers Bill and Esther Gentile have created an engaging presntation of the experience of participating in Angela and Victor's workshops. There are five parts, "Underground Yoga", the film, a series of detailed instructions for several of the Asanas, a series of student's expereinces in their own words, a presentation from Angela and Victor about their teachings and their views on yoga, and a section with more information about the area, the island of Lesvos, the town of Molyvos, and Eftalou Valley where the Yoga Hall is located.

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