• Updo Styler Bun Small Brown

    Bilo Beauty

  • $1.00

  • Description

    Donut Round Hand picked by professional colour specialists to match precisely to natural hair colours Eliminates reflection of metal providing optimum camouflage effect with natural hair sheen Non-slip rubber coating protects hair shape Also available in Assorted Colours: Blonde, Brown or Black Used to create buns and up-do's. Simply pull pony tail through donut and pin hair to achieve the look you want. Lightweight, flexible and easy to use. Have you ever wondered how those models get those perfect stylish hair do's. They use hair foundations! Available in a variety of different shapes & sizes, you can use them as a tube to wrap your hair around for a perfect ballet bun or to create and style French twists. Any way you look at it you're an instant classic!

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