• Urban Krav Maga 6-DVD Box Set

    Central London School of Krav Maga

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    This highly acclaimed 6-DVD box is presented by Stewart McGill, Chief Instructor of the Urban Krav Maga Association. The set takes the unusual and welcome approach of showing how to make martial arts techniques work against the type of attacks that actually happen to people. 
    The box-set covers the following: defences against the 10 most common street attacks including pre-emptive strikes (2 discs); dealing with knife threats/attacks; dealing with handgun threats; grappling for self-defence on the ground and stand-up situations; defending other people under threat or attack. 
    Urban Krav Maga is a highly respected martial art that utilises the experience of its Instructors in various styles of Krav Maga, MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jutsu and the traditional Martial Arts. See the recommendations here from 2 renowned Martial Artists: "This is a really first rate product presented by people who know what they're doing and for anyone who has an interest in Self Defence, these 6 DVDs should have some space on your shelves." Peter Consterdine / Chairman of The British Combat Association "Urban Krav Maga is a no-nonsense martial art that works!" Bob Sykes / Editor / Martial Arts Illustrated magazine
    Available on Amazon UK for over a year, this DVD and Seller have a 100% 5-star rating. See the listing for this product on Amazon.co.uk if you want to check this out.

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