US Balance

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    This is a Brand New 1000 gram capacity digital scale manufactured by U.S. Balance. It features a compact design that is stylish, versatile, and accurate. Included in the box with the scale are 4 ~ AA Batteries, a 7" diameter measuring container that is almost 2" deep, and (2) ~ 200 gram calibration weights that would cost you an extra $20.00 in stores, but are included FREE here.

    Simple 4 Button Operation Features a Memory Key

    Allows you to combine multiple measurements without a calculator.

    Works with Batteries or plugged into electrical outlet

    Has Low Battery Warning Indicator

    Backlit for easy operation in poor light conditions

    Special Counting Feature

    Weighs directly on platform, or in deep-walled container provided

    Four Measuring Units:
    Grams - Ounces - Troy Ounces - Pennyweight
    One-tenth of a gram accuracy!
    Use the tare feature when you use the measuring tray, or any container, to zero the scale and not count the weight of the container.
    5 Year Warranty

    FREE batteries (AA) are included.
    -unlike many scales, you can replace this scale's batteries yourself. Versatile enough to even weigh out fractions of ounces such as eighth ounces, quarter ounces, etc.

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