• V-Cube 2 White Multicolor Cube (pillowed)

    Orbet, LLC / V-Cubes

  • $10.99

  • Description

    The V-Cube 2 pillowed (2b) white body multicolor cube is an authentic V-Cube manufactured and imported from Greece. The 2x2 V-Cube you will receive is the exact V-Cube as shown in the picture, with a white body color and pillowed shape. V-Cube 2 is the smallest version of the V-Cube family! This is the essential pillow-shaped version! V-Cube 2 is a multicolored, two-layered cube with exceptional quality and incredibly smooth rotation. V-Cube 2 has almost 3.7 million possible permutations and weighs only 74g! It consists of 26 smaller pieces, 8 of them are the visible corners; and the solid cross that supports them, enabling them to to rotate independently on based axes. The length of the edges is only 5cm!

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