• V-Mail Midway Blue 3 oz.

    Noodler's Ink

  • $15.49

  • Description

    This listing is for a 3 oz. bottle of Noodlers fountain pen ink in Midway Blue. The ink is from Noodlers new V-Mail series of colors. The series is inspired by the Victory Mail from WWII and the vintage inks from that period. The V-Mail inks from Noodlers come in seven exciting ink colors. The ink is not Bulletproof but it is very durable [and probably would have been classed as being "permanent" in the 1940s]. While this ink is inspired by old ink formulas it is completely modern Noodlers chemistry. This product is new, current product directly from the manufacturer. 
    The bottle is glass with a distinctive Noodlers V-Mail label, and an outside Noodlers box. The V-Mail labels cover 3 ¾ sides of the bottle and display a variety of WWII era bombers and planes in overhead silhouettes. 
    This ink is all U.S. made and boasts Archival, Anti-Forgery and Anti- Feathering tendencies. The ink is specifically designed for fountain pen use.

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