• Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Silver Can Chillers, Set of 2

    Vacu Vin

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  • Description

    Capable of chilling cans of beer or soft drinks in five minutes  and keeping them chilled for hours, the two sleeves in this set are  perfect for picnics, outdoor barbecues when the weather is sizzling, at  the beach, and in the TV room. Each sleeve has six pockets containing a  special liquid that freezes solid when placed in a freezer for several  hours. The sleeves then slip over standard-size cans. Flexible,  virtually unbreakable, and reusable more or less forever, the  4-inch-high sleeves are printed in silver with black lines to resemble  cracked ice. Storing them in the freezer permits their use at any time.   --Fred Brack 
           Cool your canned beverages in about 5 minutes by using the Vacu Vin Can Cooler Sleeves. These practically unbreakable, and re-usable sleeves can go straight from the freezer over your cans. The special six pocket design uses non-toxic, flexible gel that when frozen can chill beverages in minutes and keep them cool for hours. Place back in the freezer for use at any time.  11-1/5" L x 1-3/5" W x 4-2/5" H

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