Kelp Products Of Florida

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    From the Manufacturer:
    Our Vegetarian Blend with Garlic (Gold Label) provides 100% Complete, Natural, Organic nutrition for your pet! It has a healthy amount of Garlic which helps to repel fleas and flush the intestinal tract of parasites! *We do not recommend Garlic for Cats*
    Our Vegetarian Blend & Vegetarian Blend with Garlic, contain all the wonderful properties of Granular Norwegian Kelp combined with a food grade quality, Organic Inactive Yeast made from organically grown vegetables! Both supplements have a WONDERFUL aroma and taste that are appealing to the most finicky eaters! Our Vegetarian Blend and Vegetarian Blend with Garlic provides 100% Complete, Natural, Organic Nutrition for your pet! These All Natural, Organic products will improve your pet's overall health, build the immune system, reduce stress, increase stamina, dramatically improve condition of skin, coat, or feathers, reduce shedding, alleviate allergy symptoms, reduces pain from arthritis, restore natural pigmentation, influences the proper functioning of the thyroid, increase fertility, and even regulate weight & appetite by enhancing your pet's digestion and food utilization!

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