• Veiled Chameleon Baby Incredible Creatures

    Safari Ltd

  • $9.95

  • Description

    Product Description This impressive creature comes to life with our Incredible Creatures® Veiled Chameleon Baby. Marvel at this fascinating reptile before it grows to its full size. The wild animals in our Incredible Creatures® collection are the largest figures of any set, making them perfect for children's small hands. For added value to both toy lovers and collectors, most of the replicas in this collection are made to scale, and some are even life sized. Like all Safari Ltd® figures, these toys are professionally sculpted and hand painted for stunning, accurate detail. From the Manufacturer Play is the essential joy of childhood. Through play children learn about themselves, their environment and the larger world. At Safari Ltd. We design toys that assist the joy of play. In a highly technical world, the most endangered species is the imagination. Perhaps we should spell that with a capital "I". Without imagination, the individual loses the creative spark. We intend to never let that happen. We hope your child will enjoy many hours of creative play with this hand painted Veiled Chameleon Baby.

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