• Vialone Nano Melotti IGP 12/1kg

    Alma Gourmet Ltd

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  • Description

    Riso Vialone Nano Melotti IGP. Price per 2.2 lbs - 1kg  "Rise Nano Vialone Veronese I.G.P. has the capacity to absorb condiment and to keep its bite. "Risotto Nano Vialone Veronese I.G.P" presents itself to gourmets from all over the world as the leading risotto rice, the expression of a typically Italian gastronomic tradition. Moreover, with its distinct fragrance, it adapts perfectly to the taste and imagination of each of us. Since 1996, products bearing the prestigious European mark I.G.P. (Protected Denomination of Origin), have included Nano Vialone Veronese Rice, a masterpiece of Italian rice-growing, the roots of which are pushed deep into the limpid karst spring waters which furrow and flood the fertile lands of the Veronese This excellent rice is the product of a land, culture and typical Italian tradition for living and eating well.Karst spring and spring waters emerge plentiful in the area of the Veronese plain where "Riso Nano Vialone Veronese I.G.P." is grown and this draws its prestigious qualities from the purity of these waters. They run continuously, furrowing and soaking rich soil, mixed with lime and sand. These waters are vital for the paddy fields which they flood. Seeds germinate in these limpid waters and it is here that young plants find protection from the cold spring nights. The rice grower uses his know-how to regulate their flow to support the phases of growth.

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