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    Vibrant Living

    by James Levin, MD and Natalie Cederquist The authors of A Vegetarians Ecstasy and A Celebration of Wellness have created A Complete Live Food Resource and Recipe Book. This amazing heart healthy live food recipe book has just recently been re-published! It contains over 250 recipes that are sure to inspire raw foodists to new levels of live food cuisine. Over 100 recipes contained in this book are 100% fat free! This easy to use, easy to read live foods recipe book includes: How to set up a live foods kitchen with food tips, shopping guides, and pantry items; All about food dehydration: the unique way to prepare live food burgers, chips, cookies, and crackers; How to sprout beans, grains, and seeds, turning them into indoor gardens of life; The benefits of soaking nuts, dried fruits, and sea vegetables; The basics on culturing seeds and nuts and how to make fermented yogurts and sauces; Easy ways to make nut milk, vitality drinks, and health cocktails; Sample menus; A cross-referenced alphabetical index. This book is complete with brilliant water paint style illustrations and is a remarkable must have for the new and old raw food connoisseur.

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