• Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush, Cream Handle

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  • Description

    Horse Hair Shaving Brushes have been made in Spain by the Vie-Long Company for over 70 years. The model 12601 Vie-Long Shave Brush has naturally colored horse hair in a medium sized 20mm knot which is the largest selling size. The 12601 is the most economical horse hair brush with a traditional ivory colored molded handle with a narrow ring just above the base for good grip. A horse hair shaving brush has about the same softness to the tips as pure badger hair but a little more stiffness to the shaft than pure badger hair. These are hard to find and unique shaving brushes using 50% hair from the horses mane and 50% hair from the horses tail. No horses are killed or harmed in any way during the collection of hair.

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