• Vienna Trip Lan Aloe 6oz Tube Hand & Body Lotion

    Bilo Beauty

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  • Description

    Vienna Beauty Triple Lanolin- Aloe Vera Lotion Tube 6oz  Hand and body Lotion.  This non-greasy lotion is readily absorbed by the skin helping to restore natural moisture.  Our Triple Lanolin® Aloe Vera Lotion combines two of nature's best emollients, aloe vera and lanolin, to produce a very elegant, soothing and lightly-scented lotion.   The lighter feel and fragrance of this product appeal to both women and men alike.   The healing and curative powers of aloe vera have been well known for a number of years and have been proven to reduce the redness, flaky skin and swelling associated with acne.   Professional nail technicians also have found our lotion easy to work with.    It massages in quickly and doesn't leave a greasy or slippery feel after application.    During the fifteen years since its initial introduction, Triple Lanolin® Aloe Vera Lotion has become our #1 selling product.

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