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    Typhoon®: Providing design led kitchenware at affordable prices.

    The Typhoon® Red Utensil Holder combines extreme simplicity of style with functional acuity. It doubtlessly will find and completely own a niche in any kitchen it's a part of and stand out due to the intense and plush finish of its color coated steel construction. This same construction puts your mind at ease about how long it will last as it is sturdy and durable enough to add elegantly to the flow of your kitchen for quite a number of years. Measures 6-3/4-Inches high by 4-1/4-Inches in diameter.

    The Vintage Kitchen range evokes memories of our grandparents kitchens. Practical details like airtight seals for Storage Canisters, carbon filters to keep the Compost Caddy smelling sweet and clever place-markers for the Recipe Book Stand, ensure that this range is definitely not old fashioned. Made from high quality coated steel resulting in a smooth, silky finish. All items of the range have been designed to be durable for every day use.

    Starting as a small company with a simple philosophy, to bring Asian products to a British market, Typhoon® has chartered the waters of homewares in the UK and beyond. One thing on their journey has always remained the same and is at the heart of everything they do... Design led kitchenware at affordable prices. Simple!

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