• Voices in Wartime

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    From ancient Babylonia and the fields of Troy to the great conflicts of the 20th century "Voices in Wartie" sharply etches the experience of war through powerful images and the words of poets - unknown and world-famous.  Soldiers journalists historians and experts on combat interviewed in "Voices in Wartime" add diverse perspectives on war's effects on soldiers civilians and society.  Poets around the world from the United States and Colombia to Britain and Nigeria to Iraq and India share their views and experiences of war that extend beyond national borders and into the depths of the human soul.The stirring words of poets of the past - Homer Wilfred Owen Siegfried Sassoon Emily Dickinson Langston Hughes Walt Whitman and Shoda Shinoe from Hiroshima are combined with more recent voices: a Vietnam vet poets in war-torn Baghdad a poet whose family experienced the devastating war in Biafra in the late 1960's.  "Voices in Wartime" distills the grim realities of war and its poetry helps us understand the trauma violence and death caused by armed conflict.System Requirements:Running Time: 74 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: DOCUMENTARIES/MISC. UPC: 881394500921 Manufacturer No: DOC50092

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