• Waist Bandit - Beige

    Braza Bra

  • $8.60

  • Description

    The Waist Bandit...steal yourself some breathing room! 
    Instead of squeezing into tight pants or buying a new wardrobe, this clever fix has become a popular alternative to accommodate temporary weight gain. Use with band alone or with panel.
    The cotton panel handles serious weight gain or pregnancy through the third trimester, (as long as it's not triplets)! Just thread the band through the top of the panel as shown, cover with an over-blouse and you're good to go.
    Take along on your next cruise or vacation... just in case!
    Package contains: 
    1 waist expander with buttons and a buttonhole.
    1 waist expander for hook and eye.
    1 Cotton panel to cover the gap.
    Color: beige/buff.
    Material: Cotton/Spandex.

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