• Walkstool Comfort 18" (45 cm)


  • $99.99

  • Description

    Light-weight-Aluminum construction.
    Portable-Telescopic with a carrying bag.
    Durable-High quality and load capacity.
    Comfortable-Ergonomic and big seat.
    Wide Usage-From professional to outdoor use.
    Two Sitting Positions-With our without folding out the lower legs.
    Unique-The only 3-legged telescopic stool in the world.

    THE STOOL THAT WALKS. You and your normal chair do not get on. You are continually on the move and it permanently stands still. Think for a minute; you like to play golf, hunt, fish and you would also like to sit down for a while. You go to concerts, wait in ticket queues, go for a long walk, go camping and would also like to sit down for a while. You travel, or feel the effects of an injury that hasn't healed, you carry out service work at other workplaces and would like to sit down for a while. There are thousands of reasons for owning a stool that is portable. If you often work squatting, then the risk is great that in time you will suffer from backache, sore knees and joint problems, or you may already be suffering from these problems. Well, now there is a stool that can take care of the problem, Walkstool, small and light when you carry it but steady and comfortable when you sit on it. When working at low heights, sit on the Walkstool without extending the telescopic legs!

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