• Wash Up! Super Sensitive, 19 oz

    California Baby

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    Developed by a mother, California Baby had your child's best interest at heart. For Frequent Hand Washing Concentrated Extremely Biodegradable Soap + Vigorous Hand Rubbing for 20 Seconds = Destroyed Microbes! Because common allergens such as nut oils, gluten, soy, oat and dairy should be avoided by babies, kids and those who are chemically sensitive or immune impaired, our Super Sensitive products strictly eschew these ubiquitous offenders. Perfect for hands that are dry, cracked, suffer from eczema or are simply in need of TLC. Our non-stripping botanical cleansing base contains coconut oil to moisturize, witch hazel for its mild antiseptic qualities, vitamin e and calendula to soothe and heal. For those who cannot tolerate any scent, our pH balanced Super Sensitive cleanser does the jobsafely and naturally. Safe for use with homeopathy. After years of ingredient and product research, I feel this is an excellent product!Sincerely, Jessica-Developer of California Baby No clear formula chemicals No scent masking agents

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