• Washington, You're Fired!

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    A film about taking back OUR government
     "Washington, You're Fired" lays down a blueprint for a peaceful revolution to take back OUR government... and best of all, it's presented to the audience by the American people. Writer/director, William Lewis traveled the country to talk to real Americans about real problems and real solutions... What are you willing to do for your country? G. Edward Griffin writes, "One of the things I liked most about the program is the call to action at the conclusion that includes a very simple but powerful proposal: RUN FOR OFFICE!"
    It's time for every American to wake up and realize that their chance for change grows dimmer at the conclusion of each election cycle. We can no longer wait around for the candidates of our dreams... WE have to BECOME those candidates and WE have to shoulder the responsibility of supporting the Constitution of the Unites States or else... who will?
    Noted constitutional attorney, Jonathan Turley, heads a cast of unforgettable interviews and cameo appearances by government officials and media personalities - each with the same goal on their mind... "How do we get someone in the White House that has a record to back up their oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution?"
    Vote counts, bill-breakdown, and analysis of terror-war legislation are leaving audiences stunned and infuriated... Chris Hansen writes, "Social problems will never be solved if the Constitution and its protections FROM the government are lost. This video hits the nail on the head concerning this issue... the best patriotic video since Freedom To Fascism." 2008 Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney says, "This film catches the spirit of the electorate! It's a clarion call to all of us to get involved, run for office, and become the policy makers of our dreams."

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