• Waxing Strip Tray


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    Waxing is becoming more and more popular! Waxing kits can only last so long so Satin Smooth offers these waxing strips. The extra waxing strips make your kits last for a longer period of time and allow you to use all of the wax so there is no waste. Some of these strips are made of muslin and some are a nonwoven material meaning they will not fall apart during use. They are soft on the client's skin yet strong enough for the toughest hair removal. These are pre-cut strips for your convenience. There are small strips and also large strips that cover a big surface area but can also be cut into any size that you may need.

    Extra strips allow you to use the entire kit.
    Less waste.
    Muslin and nonwoven material will not fall apart.
    Big strips overs a large surface area.
    Can be trimmed to any size needed.
    Small strips for facial use.
    Soft yet durable.
    Pre-cut strips are convenient.

    75 large muslin strips
    75 small muslin strips
    50 large non-woven strips
    50 small non-woven strips

    - All dimensions are approximations.

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