Liberty Mountain (V,W,X)

  • $459.29

  • Description

    Whispbar's new anodized aluminum rooftop ski and snowboard carrier will enhance the profile of any lodge-bound vehicle with a sleek, low-profile aesthetic. The WB300 can accommodate the thickest skis and snowboards on the market with its exclusive hinge system.

    • Proprietary hinge system to accommodate modern fat skis and boards
    • Integrated lift mechanism allows rooftop clearance for snowboards or tall bindings
    • Anodized aluminum and polymer construction provides second to none performance and great looks
    • Industry standard “T Bolt” and universal clamps ensure a perfect fit to Whispbar racks and many other aero racks
    • Fits up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snow boards
    • SKS Locks and keys included.


    The world's finest rack system designed for auto enthusiasts unwilling to compromise their pursuit of design and performance. Whispbar’s original designer was a former Rolls Royce aircraft engineer, and his passion for clean lines and purposeful aesthetics remains. Whispbar by Yakima means crisp good looks that would be at home in any modern art museum, an innovative design that drastically reduces wind noise, drag and vibration, and pin-drop quiet, fuel efficient performance on the road.

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