• Weaving a Life of Beauty

    Anusara Yoga

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    Weaving a Life of Beauty is a compilation of informal talks with John Friend, founder of Anusara yoga. This CD is intimate and profound, yet fun, as John touches on some of the most fundamental concepts of Shiva-Shakti Tantra, the philosophical foundation of Anusara yoga. His scholarly expertise and heart-felt passion inspire all listeners to seek out life's essential beauty and to live in ways that enhance its growth and expansion. A booklet accompanying the CD offers illustrations and helpful definitions that support the topics of the various tracks, making this product an invaluable study aid for enthusiasts of Anusara yoga or Tantric yoga philosophy, as well as a great introduction for those new to these subjects.
    1. The King and the Servant Girl
    2. What is Shri/Shakti/Beauty?
    3. Iccha, Jnana, Kriya
    4. Tantric Triad of Goddeses: Kali, Saraswati, Lakshmi/Shri
    5. The Waves and Cycles of Creative Expressions
    6. Align with the Divine:Fundamentals of Anusara Yoga's Shiva/Shakti Tantra
    7. What is Right Action? What Enhances The Beauty of Life?
    8. Attuning to the Pulsation of Life; Aligning with the Beauty of the Divine
    9. Jnana (Knowledge) and Vijnana (Wisdom); The Beauty of  Truth (Satya)
    10. Looking for the Good, the Beauty, the Shri
    11. How do we Express Beauty in The Face of Ugliness

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