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    Wedge It

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    Wedge-It was designed by a Fireman to hold self-closing doors open during a fire or emergency. It is also used today by Police, Bomb Squads, S.W.A.T., Fire Departments, Ambulance Personnel, Moving & Delivery, Hotel & Motel Bellhops and Housekeeping. One big advantage of the Wedge-It over a standard door wedge is that the door can still swing further open, but will always stay open 90 degrees when the door swings back and also does not get in the way. A standard door wedge is either kicked away or does not hold the door when the door swings back. The Wedge-It will work from any of 3 different locations on the door - TOP, OVER THE HINGE or ON THE FLOOR. Comes in 4 different colors: Black, Yellow, Orange, Lime-Green. Order several at the same time to save on shipping. **As a matter of caution and as noted above, the Wedge-It was designed by a fireman for use by police, fire and emergency services. If using the Wedge-It on a standard door hinge, closing the door completely while the Wedge-It is installed, could cause the hinge to be pulled off.**

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