• Weiman - JEWELRY CLEANER w/ BRUSH 7oz. Jar


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  • Description

    Over time, even the timeless beauty of fine jewelry can be marred by dirt. This gentle detergent-based formula quickly dissolves hard-to-reach soil and grime. Your diamonds, platinum, gold, silver and precious stones will sparkle with new brilliance.

    Weiman Jewelry Cleaner is easy-to-use and works like a gem. Cleaning is especially important for pieces that are worn often: rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watch bands, cuff links and more. To keep their beauty as dramatic as the day you received them, follow these 3 steps:

    Simply drop jewelry into the basket inside the jar.
    Submerge the basket in cleaner for 90 seconds.
    Brush lightly while rinsing with water for picture-perfect results.

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