• Weiman - RED WINE STAIN REMOVER 12oz. Trigger NEW!


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    Quality, convenience and innovation define each and every Weiman product. Demand for Weiman grows rapidly as homeowners discover the secret to bright, beautiful, shining surfaces and appliances. Weiman is the most recognized, trusted brand in premium surface care and the #1 choice of consumers who value preserving, protecting and beautifying their homes.

    Whether at a wine-tasting or a dinner party, if there's red wine, it will most likely end up on someone's clothing or tablecloth. Weiman Red Wine Stain Remover easily removes fresh stains, dried stains and odors from clothing, carpet, upholstery and most household fabrics. This multi-action cleaning formula gently penetrates and lifts stains from fabric fibers, restoring fabric to its original condition and consistency.

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