• Werewolf Fangs Carded

    Loftus International

  • $19.95

  • Description

    Scarecrow Werewolf Deluxe Custom Fangs come with two sets of fangs. Wear on uppers and lowers, or both sets on upper teeth. Fast, easy, comfortable, and totally realistic! Natural color fang caps are shiny, rigid and beautifully contoured to look great in any mouth. Everything you need is included in the deluxe hand sculpted Skull Box to customize your fangs to your teeth, fast and easy, on-the-spot. No additional utensils are needed and no boiling water. Once customized with the specially formulated dental materials, fangs Precision-FitTM you with a unique mold of your tooth inside that allows you to snap them on or off, quickly and easily. The mold material is inside the fang cap, not molded around your adjacent teeth or gums. So, NO partial plate to limit your realism. The customization process only needs to be done once, after that you have a unique mold of your tooth that you are able to use for years. Use the carry case provided to store your fangs. Not only are Scarecrow Vampire Fangs the easiest fangs to fit and wear, they are the most comfortable and allow for natural speech, great for actors & singers. With Scarecrow you get the best hi-definition quality realism that professional TV & film make-up artists, actors and stage performers use. As seen on TV including CSI, America's Next Top Model, Dancing with the Stars... Age 14 & Up

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