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    This game includes a big 15-inch plush head filled with various things
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    Winner of Family Fun's Toy of the Year Award
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    What’s in Ned’s Head?

    The POOF-Slinky 0X2460 Ideal What's In Ned's Head Game with 15-Inch Plush Head is an icky game that will make children giggle while grossing them out at the same time. Ned has a big 15-inch plush head filled with various items that include an old gym sock, stinky cheese, an icky tooth, Ned’s lab rat and much more. This game is designed for 2-4 players.

    Award-Winning Toy

    The What's In Ned's Head Game is the recipient of Family Fun's Toy of the Year Award and continues to be an icky, sticky, hairy, scary, gross-out game that children love. They will be entertained for hours as they continue to pull gross objects out of Ned’s fuzzy head.

    How’s It Played?

    Each player is dealt a card with a picture of an object that is in Ned's Head. All players then reach into Ned's Head to feel around for the object pictured on their card. Who knows what you'll feel in his large noggin! When a player thinks that they have found the silly thing on their card, they may pull it out to look and see. If it's a match to the picture on the card, they win the game. If (2) or more players pull out the correct match to their card, the player who found the correct silly thing first is the winner.

    What’s in the Box?
    • 15-inch plush Ned’s head
    • (15) silly objects
    • (24) game cards
    • Instructions

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