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    What's It? - The Award Winning Game Where Creative Minds Think Alike! It's a party game, a family game, and a guessing game where players try to think alike! Flip a doodle card, flip the timer and guess what the doodle looks like. If you guess like the other players, everyone wins!

    How to play: Roll the category die. Flip a doodle card. Write your answers in 30 seconds and when time is up, score points for matching answers. Game comes complete with 150 doodle cards, 1 category die, 6 answer boards, 6 dry erase pens, 1 scoreboard, a 30-second timer and instructions for game play.

    What is a cooperative game? It's a game where everyone plays together, no one is left out, and everyone has fun! In a cooperative game, players work together as a team against a common obstacle, not against each other.
    Cooperative games emphasize play, not competition. Players work together, they help each other and, most importantly, they play for FUN!

    Cooperative Games foster:
    - Non-stressful play situations
    - Emotional development
    - Shared decision making
    - Creative problem solving
    - A sense of community
    - Positive self esteem
    - Playfulness
    - Cooperation

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