• Whisky Stones Beverage Cubes BLACK, Set of 9


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  • Description

    This set of 9 Teroforma whisky stones can chill a dram of scotch or bourbon in just 5 minutes. Store these re-freezable soapstone cubes in your freezer between uses and enjoy a drink at your leisure, never having to wince and grimace through a watered-down whiskey again. Made from natural soapstone that is milled in the USA. Use 3 cubes to a glass and pour whiskey to the level of the stones. Teroforma Whiskey Stones are naturally nonporous and won't absorb flavors & odors in the freezer like ice can. Each of these 9 whiskey rocks measures 0.88" cubed and is coated with a food-safe black polish. No need for washing-just rinse and reuse.

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