• Whole House Bypass Humidifier


  • $149.95

  • Description

    This flow-thru by-pass whole house humidification unit is low maintenance, cost effective, and is simple to operate. This unit requires good access to a return duct and drain. The humidifier mounts on supply plenum or return. By-pass carries air from supply, through humidifier, to return. Standard control. No. HE240A2001/U: Type: By-Pass Flow, Height: 12-3/4", Width: 10.94", Depth: 9.125", Coverage: Up to 3,000 sq ft, Replacement Filter: Model No. A10, Model No. A10W No. HE280A2001/U: Type: By-Pass Flow, Height: 15.68", Width: 12.15", Depth: 10.9", Coverage: Up to 4,000 sq ft, Replacement Filter: Model No. A35, Model No. A35W

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