• Wholesale Men's Cotton Sole Kung Fu Shoes - Black, Size 45

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  • Description

    About wearing

    It is normal that the first time you wear this shoe may feel a little hard.Because the shoe sole is sewed completely by hand and fixed by special technology in high temperature.After a few times wearing, this will disappear.Then you will feel the comfortable and the light.
    About the wear and tear

    It is normal that it has varying degree of wear and tear after a few times wearing.Because the sole is made by cotton and rope. It is not about the quality.To reduce the wear and tear,please don't drag to walk, you can walk with the feet slightly off the ground.
    Tips for maintenance

    Don't soak the shoes into water while cleaning. Brush the shoes clean. Airing the shoes with the soles upward. No exposure under the sun.
    Don't wring the shoes when solid by mud in raining days. Brush clean and airing.
    Don't brush the embroidered shoes and satin shoes in water. Prevent hitting and scratching against hard objects.
    Storing the shoes in cool and ventilate places. Preventing being affected with damp,wool surfaced shoes and cashmere lining shoes should be stored with mothballs.
    For preventing shrinking after cleaning, you can put one saponaceous stone into the shoes close to the thumb side while airing. You will feel no tighten when you enjoy the shoes.

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