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    It's slimy, oozy, bouncy, and runny. It's neon yellow, neon  orange, or red as blood (or no color at all). It could earn high marks  on a gross-o-meter or pose as a phony superball. Of course your  9-year-old is going to love it! We could tell you that it's a simple science  kit for introducing crossbonding polymers, exploring gels, solids,  liquids, and diffusion in solutions--but that might make it boring. And  boring it ain't! Oozology is another of Wild Science's fun, open-ended, easy-to-clean-up  kits geared towards creative kids and parents who want them to explore  the world but not blow it up in the process. So what's a polymer?  Remember  Flubber ? Unlike Robin Williams's creation, this stuff  won't make you a basketball star--but it's a riot to play with.  Everything you need to make several batches of it is packaged in a  clear carrying case. Put on the gloves and mask (included in the kit),  add water, and mix together in your chosen color and consistency. Make  a "drip-o-later" or a "snapping oozewurst"; try out a "slimemold"!  Double-sided jelly-proof experiment cards are fairly open-ended; just  be sure to read  both  sides of each card when following the  instructions. There are fun suggestions for all kinds of experiments  (plus a bag of wiggly eyeballs to enliven things). The ideas are  presented in such a way that when your kid meets them again in science  lab at school, he or she will probably recognize them as old friends.   --Julie Ubben 
           Create ghastly blood clots and exploding slugs, grow gruesome tapeworms, and shock your family with fart-putty and bouncing do-dos ... all by the magic of chemistry! Discover fascinating slimy secrets and the science of polymers. Make 'tadpole soup', 'slimy snot', and much more! Easy to do with a colour instruction manual. Each kit contains enough material for the experiments to be repeated several times. Designed to have great play value while exploring fascinating scientific principles. 10 Years +

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