• WIND AND ROCK - The Video Series - VOLUMES 1-3

    Paladin Press

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    Wind and Rock is one of America's premier martial arts training events. The brainchild of best-selling Paladin author Joseph Simonet and his protégé Addy Hernandez, this high-speed training odyssey is rapidly setting a new standard in instructional excellence. This video series was shot during the 2001 camp and features some of the most innovative and unique martial arts instruction ever captured on video. In Volume 1, Simonet and Hernandez teach the down-and-dirty skills that form the heart of their KI Fighting Concepts curriculum. In Volume 2, Burton Richardson teaches you the secrets of fighting effectively at all ranges and his Jeet Kune Do Unlimited system of groundfighting. Volume 3 features Christopher Petrilli's extraordinary methods of close-quarter stick fighting that include striking, grappling and joint locking based on Doce Pares eskrima, aikido and Indonesian silat. This is must-see martial arts video at its very best

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