• Wireless Monitor, Bed Pad & Pager (No Alarm in Patient's Room) Can Send Alert up to 150' From Pad to Pager

    Smart Caregiver Corp

  • $164.95

  • Description

    Complete system includes 1 bed alarm with wireless function up to 150 feet to work with caregiver pager, 1 bed sensor pad, both with 1 year manufacturer warranty and 1 caregiver pager with 6 month manufacturer warranty. Use these products for fall prevention; know when someone is getting out of bed unattended.
    10" x 30" bed sensor pad made of soft vinyl, reinforced cord with replaceable safety release connection, easy to wipe clean and incontinence resistant.
    The bed alarm will sound two quick beeps when weight is first applied to the bed sensor pad, to let the caregiver know the system is working properly. The actual alarming alert that is triggered when weight is removed from the pad will only sound on the caregiver's pager. The alarm is turned to silent in the resident's room upon shipping, adjustable setting in battery compartment if desired.
    Alarm features include a status light for visual alert that the system is in use, a call button that the resident may press to alert the caregiver pager, low battery light, pad lost notification that would alert the caregiver if the bed sensor pad becomes unplugged or possibly damaged, adjustable volume, and TamperProof setting that would allow a caregiver to deactivate the reset button by using only a Caregiver Key (optional use).  Alarm requires a 9 volt battery, not included.
    Caregiver pager features include low, medium, high volume adjustment, vibrate option, LCD screen with blue light for visual notification, clip to belt loop, place in a pocket or place on a counter top, pager can receive alerts from multiple units. Caregiver pager requires two AA batteries, not included.

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