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    With coats of gray, white, red, brown or black, these canines are well-suited for any terrain. Wolves are carnivorous canines that vary in size depending on their habitat. They travel in packs led by the Alpha pair. They hunt in packs too; this way they can take down bigger prey. A prey that stands its ground has a better chance for survival since wolves can chase their prey, reaching speeds of forty miles per hour with the help of their specialized paws and body structure. By marking their hunting territory, wolves are one step closer to ensuring their survival and their need for almost two tons of meat per year. To combat the elements, wolves have thick fur made up of two layers. The top layer contains guard hairs which repel dirt and water while the bottom layer insulates their body. Fun Facts:    A wolf's tail constitutes one quarter of its body length.  Zoological Name:  Canis lupis Conservation Status:  Common Primary Habitat:  Forest Global Home:  Americas

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