• Woodstock Polaris 22 in. Wind Chime - Silver

    Gold Crest Distributing

  • $23.11

  • Description

    Handcrafted and hand-tuned to the universal, five-note scale, the Woodstock Polaris 22 in. Wind Chime - Silver creates a delicate concert of sounds. It's named for the strength and heavenly nature of the earth's North Star by which it was inspired. Though every part of this product is weather-protected, we recommend a few simple maintenance tips to keep it looking its best for years to come. Simply apply a thin layer of Danish or lemon oil to hardwood parts periodically. Regular application of oil will slow down the natural aging process of wood. And while the anodized aluminum will not rust when exposed to the elements, mild soap and water will help prevent pitting. Durable pine construction. Weather-protected and hand-crafted. 5 aluminum tubes with silver finish. 22 inches in length. Hand-tuned to a 5-note scale.

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