• Worldly Cuisine Spice Market, 4oz

    Higgins Premium Pet Food

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    SPICE MARKET captures the influences of the exotic Middle East with ingredients like raisins dates almonds and more all mixed into a fluffy bed of natural tri-color couscous pasta. Youll soon be intoxicated with the aromas of cinnamon ginger and anise spices that fill the air as it cooks. Cooks instant in 5 minutes![return][return]Higgins Worldly Cuisines are the natural healthy foods that add variety to your companion birds meal time. Worldly Cuisines bring together eight flavors inspired by different regions of the world. Just cook cool and serveWorldly Cuisines are meant to be fed along with whatever food (seed mix or extruded morsels) birds are eating. Worldly Cuisines offer natural exotic variety and textures and are free of artificial dyes and preservatives.

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