MacPhersons (Stabilo)

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  • Description

    This stabilo write-4-all is a permanent marker pen. Writing in waterproof, freeze and fade-resistant black ink, the stabilo write-4-all marker pen can be used on any surface, including glass, metal, wood, plastic, china, film, card and cds. The pen's ink is also alcohol-based yet odourless. This stabilo permanent marker has a tough plastic tip that produces a 0.7mm line, and writes clearly on any hard surfaces. This exceptionally durable marker is reliable under extreme conditions such as cold, heat or rain, and is therefore suitable for use on freezers or greenhouses. With its long cap-off time and non-corrosive ink for safe labelling of cds or dvds, the stabilo write-4-all marker pen is ideal for general use in the home or office

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