• WRV BFF GF 4 Eva Cat 5.5z

    Animal Supply Co

  • $25.99

  • Description

    B.F.F. Tuna and Chicken 4EVA is a luxurious, natural cat meal featuring tuna and chicken in gravy. Each meal is prepared with practices common in human food products, including only the top quality meat parts. The tuna prepared for this meal are human grade fish that are caught live and not farmed while using dolphin safe practices. Only free range, antibiotic and hormone-free chicken is used. This meal is high in quality protein and moisture content while remaining low on carbohydrates. It is BPA and Grain free, while made in a human food facility. B.F.F. has a natural real meat texture and flavor that your cat will love! Natural food for cats Made in a human food facility Grain Free

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