• Wushu Waxwood Staff, 70" long

    Tiger Claw

  • $3.50

  • Description

    Wushu Wax Wood Staff from Tiger Claw. Also know as as the super light staff.  The Wushu staff is thinner and more flexible than the traditional version. It is going to be the staff of choice for forms and other situations where you will not be hitting anything or need more flexibility. Wax wood allows the staff be durable and lightweight with some flexibility. Features Made of the finest wax wood. Natural cut with a taper to one end.  Durable and lightweight with some flexibility.  Approximately 1/2 inch in diameter. Note: Since the staffs are natural cut they will vary in shape, length, and thickness. No two staffs are going to be exactly alike. We have seen length vary by as much as 5" in some cases so please keep that in mind when ordering. If in doubt order one longer then you actually need so it can be cut to exact size if needed.

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