• X1 Pack, Mossy Oak Brush


  • $199.00

  • Description

    Introducing the X-project. Customers asked for a great all-around daypack, and Eberlestock developed the x-type packs to answer the call for lightweight, high quality, ultra-versatile hunting packs. They focused on the essentials to give you some lean, mean, hunting machines.The X1 is carefully made with premium components, thoughtfully laid out. With Eberlestock's exclusive patented Quickdraw Backscabbard and the Ripcord Bow Tether, both on one hunting pack. This allows hands-free hiking which is great when you are scrambling in difficult terrain or hiking out in the dark, and the greatness behind this allows you to retrieve your bow or rifle WITHOUT removing your pack...How cool is that! If you're looking for the most popular daypack for both archery and rifle hunting, look no further, the Eberlestock X1A1 is here.

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