• Xeno Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery, Xeno XL-050F - 1/2AA (ER14250) - 3,6V 1200mA LI 1/2AA 1200MAH 3,6V XENO (XL-050F)

    Shore Power

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  • Description

    Lithium-thionyl chloride cells have a metallic lithium anode and a liquid cathode comprising a porous carbon current collector filled with SOCl2.They deliver a voltage of 3.6V. There are cylindrical and button shape, from 1/2AA to D format, with spiral type for high current and bobbin construction for small current. Lithium-thiony chloride cells have a high energy density, partly because of their high nominal voltage of 3.6V. Bobbin type can reach 760Wh/kg, for a capacity of19Ah at 3.6V in D format. Because self-discharge is extremely low, this kind of cell can support long storage periods and achieve a service life of 10 to 20 years

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