• XyliWhite™ Cinnafresh - 6.4 oz

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    The XyliWhite&amptrade; Advantage - XyliWhite&amptrade; is a remarkable new flouride-free &ampquot;Cinnafresh&ampquot; toothpaste gel that uses natural Xylitol as its main ingredient. &ampbull; Formulated with the cleanest ingredients&ampnbsp;&ampbull; Free of SLS chemicals (sodium lauryl sulfate)&ampbull; Uses vegetarian/vegan ingredients&ampnbsp;&ampbull; Clean and fresh, cinnamon taste&ampbull; Healthy teeth that are whiter and stronger&ampnbsp;&ampbull; Contains 25% Xylitol, one of the highest contents available!&ampbull; For adults and children alike&ampnbsp;&ampnbsp;&ampnbsp;

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