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    Kinsman Enterprises

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    The Youth Weighted Right Hand Teaspoon is fixed at a 45 degree angle and has weight added to the handle to help promote self feeding. This adapted teaspoon helps children with tremors, shaky grasps, or sensory disabilities requiring increased proprioceptive feedback. The heavy handle with 4 ounces of added weight assists in stabilizing hand tremors. This right hand teaspoon is shaped to turn in toward the center of the body. The built-up handle with textured vinyl aids provides a non-slip grip and is shaped to fit small hands. The Youth Weighted Right Hand Teaspoon is dishwasher safe. Youth Weighted Right Hand Teaspoon Features:Additional handle weight stabilizes hand shakiness.Non-slip textured vinyl grip handle.Fixed 45 degree angle right hand teaspoon helps promote self feeding.Youth Weighted Right Hand Teaspoon Specifications: Handle diameter: 7⁄8 inch.Handle length: 3 ¼ inches.Weight: 4 oz. Color: gray.Material: stainless steel with textured vinyl coated handle.Angle: Fixed 45 degree for right hand.

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